The best exercises to burn more calories in the gym

The best exercises to burn more calories in the gym

Do you want to achieve better results in the gym? So, you have to know some tricks that will help you consume more energy and, therefore, burn more calories naturally.

The best exercises to burn more calories in the gym

If your goal is to lose weight and remove those extra kilos, then you have to start practicing a type of exercise that consumes more calories so that, little by little, you can improve your silhouette. And this is what we are going to explain to you in this article, that is, the best exercises to burn more calories in the gym. Take note!

How to burn more calories by training

In order to burn more calories while exercising, it is important that your body is always working at its highest level. Keep in mind that our body is very wise and, therefore, if you start to ask for a greater amount of energy, it will, over time, end up adjusting to this increase and burn fewer calories to meet your new demands.

It is for this reason that it is important to “force” our body never to get used to the level of demand that we demand of it and, thus, we will get it to perform at its best. In addition to reviewing the sports that burn the most calories, we reveal the exercises that will help you burn more calories in workouts, whether you decide to train at home or in the gym, so that you can achieve the results you want so much.

1. Exercises that involve more muscles

It has been proven that more calories are burned if, instead of opting for exercises focused on one muscle group, we try to include a greater number of muscles in the exercise. For example, this would be the case of doing an exercise such as the plank that, at the same time, gets the abdomen and arms area to work, in addition to helping you define your legs and buttocks progressively.

2. Cardio with different intensities

Another of the best exercises to burn more calories in the gym is cardio exercises of different intensities. That is, if you spend 1 hour running at the same speed on the treadmill, in the end, you get your body used to that pace and end up adjusting its calorie burn. However, if every 3 or 4 minutes you change the pace and intensity, you will get him to work at the highest level throughout the training.

3. Increase weight during strength exercises

Just as it is important to increase the speed of your cardio training, it is also essential that we demand more intensity from our muscles when we train them. And the best way to burn more calories in the gym is by adding weights or loads to our exercises that will help us work more muscles and continue to exert themselves during our workouts.

4. Unstable surfaces

Another of the best tricks to burn more calories in workouts is that the surface on which you perform the exercises is not stable. In this way, you will ensure that all the muscles of the body are focused on trying to stabilize and maintain balance while, at the same time, you carry out your training routine. To achieve this instability nothing better than to take advantage of the benefits of training with fit balls or medicine balls; you can also choose to support only one foot or one hand when doing your exercises. This tip is very simple to do but, at the same time, very effective!

5. Don’t forget about toning exercises

Many people believe that to lose more calories in the gym it is important to focus on cardio. And this means that, on many occasions, strength or toning exercises are left in the background. Something that is a big mistake. When preparing your weekly training, the truth is that it is essential that your training routine combines both cardio and strength to burn a greater amount of calories since, the more muscle you have, the more calories your body will consume even when resting.

6. Increase your training time

And finally, another of the best tricks to burn more calories in workouts is that you dedicate more time to your daily or weekly training. It is important that, over time, you increase your time spent so that, thus, you always demand a little more from your body. You can do it in two ways: increase your training by 10 minutes or go one more day to the gym to train. As you like! Of course, remember to always respect the recovery times between muscles.


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