Natural care to show off strong and healthy hair

Natural care to show off strong and healthy hair

When hair is weakened, reducing stress, watching your diet, and using certain natural products help restore its vigor and shine.

Natural care to show off strong and healthy hair

If you start to see more hair than usual in the bathroom, your hair becomes untamed, or your hair loses its shine, it may be time to act. Few things speak as much about oneself as hair and only a little care is needed to improve its appearance and restore it to health.

An average head has 100,000 hairs, and each one of them lasts about five years. Most of it is growing (anagen phase); a quarter, at rest (catagen phase); and a few have atrophied bulb, which drops the hair so that the formation of a new one begins (telogen phase).

If the first phase is shortened, the follicle cannot form a new healthy hair fiber. This happens, for example, if there is stress, as the whole organism accelerates.


The first measure to face hair loss is to take life more calmly.

It can also happen that the roots do not get enough nutrients to form hair. This may be due to a nutrient deficit, as in anemia. In this case, the iron in the diet should be increased with foods such as clams, eggs, meat or whole grains.

It may also be that B vitamins are lacking, especially B6, which is abundant in nuts, legumes, meats, and whole grains. Sometimes it can be helpful to turn to supplements, such as brewer’s yeast or wheat germ.

varied diet rich in natural products ensures the supply of minerals; however, sometimes it is required to supplement it with cysteine ​​so that the bulb has the main amino acid constituting the hair.


Another way to nourish the scalp is to use nourishing masks that topically provide what the hair follicle needs. They can count on honey, rich in trace elements; cereal proteins, such as wheat or oats; plants like hibiscus; organic silicon from horsetail or rice husk; or silk proteins.

They should always be applied after subjecting the hair to aggressive treatments, be it an unnatural dye, the perm or an excess of dryer or iron.

The lotions plants rubefacients (rosemary, nettle, birch, arnica or pepper) increase blood flow of the scalp and thus, the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the root.

In shampoos you should avoid sulfur derivatives (such as sodium lauryl sulfate) and choose mild washing bases, such as sugar derivatives (coconut glycosides).

In addition, hair must be protected from excess sun (with capillary sunscreens), pollution and tobacco.

You can prepare a homemade mask by mixing two tablespoons of honey, the juice of a lemon, a tablespoon of olive oil and an egg yolk. It is applied and left to act for half an hour. The hair is then washed. Use it twice a month.


In men, the most common alopecia is androgenic. The presence of a derivative of the male hormone, testosterone, causes more fat to be secreted and the follicle to choke.

You can use anti – seborrheic shampoos with gentle washing bases that eliminate fat, or sebum-regulating lotions with plant extracts such as neem or nasturtium, or with stimulating plants such as ginseng.


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