How to get a more radiant and luminous skin

How to get a more radiant and luminous skin

A healthy lifestyle and good care inside and out will keep your skin glowing for longer.

Perhaps you have noticed it in the mirror in the morning, or in a recent photo: your complexion is less shiny, dull, dull, somewhat dry, as if it had no life.

How to get a more radiant and luminous skin

These are some of the symptoms of skin aging, and of the decrease in glycans, which is noticeable with the appearance of wrinkles, grayish and dull tones, and the loss of luminosity; what is commonly called dull skin.


The dull skin, however, can be treated very effectively with a healthy diet, restful sleep and routine exfoliation and hydration to give back the lost radiance. Only it comes to pay more attention to their diari care or both from inside and from outside.

Getting away from sedentary habits, a good diet and a good night’s sleep also allow the skin to stay radiant for longer.

The skin is an excretory organ, and sweating helps toxins move outwards, facilitating their expulsion.

Exercising outdoors and taking a sauna in winter or a steam bath in summer helps eliminate toxins and strengthens and protects the lipid layer of the skin. Spending time outside, even on cold days, is essential.


Everything we can do to take care of facial skin from the inside:

  • Exercise. A walk brings inner peace, physical exercise and fresh air. But it also enhances blood circulation on the face, which is not only restorative, but also provides that pinkish color on the cheekbones.
  • Restful rest. The hours of rest, between 6-8 hours, in a ventilated and not very warm bedroom are important.
  • Healthy nutrition. Eating early and frugally facilitates easy digestion and produces a good restful sleep for the skin.

Of course, diet is essential. The skin will remain supple, hydrated and radiant with products rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and fiber, which can be found in fresh, seasonal foods, legumes, whole grains, vegetables and healthy fats, such as those in olive oil or avocados.

If you have to add supplements to brighten the skin and combat the dull and grayish appearance, do not forget vitamins A, B and C.


Everything we can do to take care of facial skin from the outside:

  • Daily. The first step to enjoy a luminous complexion is daily cleansing, before going to bed and when waking up with a cream, a light gel that respects the skin’s pH or a micellar water, which removes makeup, contamination, sweat and the dust that adhere to the skin and prevent it from breathing and regenerating. Once the cleaning is finished, you must continue with a good hydration that works on the skin while you are sleeping.
  • In the mornings. While applying the moisturizing cream, you can perform facial massage exercises to activate blood circulation in the face, starting with the chin and using the fingertips in circular movements, always up and out.
  • Once a week. It is advisable to perform a gentle exfoliation in order to remove impurities and cleanse the skin more deeply and apply a hydrating mask.
  • Every two or three months. Perform a professional treatment to help keep the skin more rehydrated and nourished.


Brighten the complexion with a weekly, fluid-consistency mask. Prepare it as follows:

  • A tablespoon of green clay and rose water
  • A teaspoon of coconut oil
  • Three drops of rose essential oil
  • Fresh mineral water


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