Have you heard of aqua running? 5 benefits of running in water

Have you heard of aqua running 5 benefits of running in water

The name makes it clear. It is about running but with the body submerged in water, in a very different environment than asphalt or dirt. The way of running changes, because you have to count on the resistance that water implies and the lack of impact. You want to know more? Discover the benefits of aqua running.

Have you heard of aqua running 5 benefits of running in water

More and more people are joining this sporting discipline, practiced by people of any age since, like aqua gym or aqua fitness ,  its intensity can be adapted to the physical condition of each one of them. In fact, aqua running emerged as a way to continue training in those cases in which a joint injury made running on land inadvisable.

What is Aqua running?

The aqua jogging practiced inside a pool. The trunk must be straight and the shoulders, always relaxed, must be out of the water or at its level. The idea is to maintain the posture as if you were running “dry”, controlling the different movements and breathing at all times. It can be done barefoot or with water shoes and, in the first sessions, the help of a specific float belt is usually used to help maintain the correct position.

In the water, you can perform the same exercises that you would if you ran on any training track, combining different rhythms and strides (long stride, jog, high intensity intervals…). To obtain all the benefits of running in the water , it is important to warm up beforehand, respect the minutes of rest during the development of the activity and end each session progressively, that is, decreasing the intensity of the exercise.

The most surprising advantages of running in water

The fact of running in an aquatic environment is surprising especially when it is done for the first time. On the one hand, the body tends to float and the impact is minimal in each stride, and, on the other, the resistance produced by the water that surrounds us makes the attempt to advance cost more. These properties are responsible for the benefits of aqua running that we indicate:

  1. Protected joints. It is, without a doubt, the great advantage of running in the water. By not impacting with all our weight on the pool floor because we float, the joints, especially those of the knees, are safe from the risk of injury. There are many elite athletes who practice aqua running to maintain their physical shape in periods in which their joints need a rest or an effective recovery.
  2. Greater resistance and speed. Do the test. Just like swimming, after training for several weeks doing aqua running, run dry and you will see that you hold more and you are faster. The reason is obvious. Moving your legs and arms underwater requires a greater effort to overcome the resistance generated by the pressure of the liquid that surrounds you and “prevents” you from moving forward.
  3. Intense cardiovascular work. Although at first glance it may seem easier than running on land, aqua running is a very demanding aerobic sport that helps improve circulation and strengthen the cardiovascular system.
  4. Greater flexibility. It is another of the great benefits of aqua running. Our whole body is under water and moves in a lighter way, favoring greater flexibility of the joints, both of the upper and lower body.
  5. Burning calories. Trainers and experts consider that 15 – 20 minutes of aqua running is equivalent to 45 minutes of running on land , so running in the water is not only an excellent way to keep fit , but to burn a number of calories, more than considerable .


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