Discover all the types of sports massage that exist

Discover all the types of sports massage that exist

If you are an athlete you have to know that there are specific massages that will help you take care of your muscles and that they are in perfect condition to continue doing your physical exercise. There are different types of sports massage and, therefore, in this article we want to discover them all so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and your profile.

Discover all the types of sports massage that exist

What are sports massages for?

If you practice sports regularly, you have to know that sports massages are more than recommended for you. Why? Because they are manual jobs that will help you improve your muscles and joints and, at the same time, will help you recover after an intense workout and improve your performance.

Next, we are going to offer you a complete list with all the benefits of sports massage so that you understand how positive it can be:

  • Helps activate blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Manages to reduce pain or overload
  • Relax the muscles and make them in better shape
  • Help prepare muscles for wear and tear during exercise
  • Reduces the athlete’s anxiety
  • Strengthens the body and therefore minimizes the risk of injury

For all this, it is highly recommended that athletes undergo these massages that will help them enjoy a healthier body in perfect shape.

The main types of massages for athletes

Now that you know why it is interesting that you enjoy these massages, we are going to analyze all the types of sports massage that exist since there are different methods. Here we offer you a list of the most common among athletes:

Maintenance massage

They are massages that are performed on a regular basis and that depend on the type of training that is being carried out. The objective of this method is clear: to keep the muscles in good shape and to improve their flexibility, mainly

Sports massage before the competition

Before competing, it is also recommended that the athlete undergoes a massage that will be totally focused on improving performance. Depending on the type of sport that is practiced, the method that will be followed will be one or the other since the massage can be stimulating or relaxing.

Post-competition massage

After having competed, it is also common to receive another type of massage that, this time, is totally aimed at rehabilitating the muscles and reducing spasms or overloads, especially if you practice running or cardio exercises. This massage will also help the athlete feel better and be ready for a new training session. It is also ideal for relaxing your legs after training when you need it.


This type of sports massage is designed to heal any area where pain or discomfort is experienced. To do this, you should place your finger in the area to be treated and apply pressure or circular movements to reduce discomfort. It always has to be done by a professional so that the result is optimal.

Rehabilitation massage

Within the types of sports massage, rehabilitation is the one performed when the athlete has suffered an injury. With these massages it is possible to accelerate the healing and reduce the pain that may be experienced.

What is the difference between sports massage and other massages?

Basically, sports massage is totally aimed at activating the muscle fibers, therefore, the objective pursued is totally different from what, for example, is sought with a relaxing massage.

The objective of these massages is that the athlete is at the maximum of his energy and that his body is fully prepared for the practice of exercise. Instead, relaxing massages are intended for the person receiving them to de-stress, enjoy the tranquility and the muscles to relax.


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